The Destruction Manual

by Bedhed

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released April 19, 2013

Ian - All instruments and vocals



all rights reserved
Track Name: Baby Teeth
She wakes to the same sun as me,
seems like I'm always underneath her everything.
Move like a ghost with a worn-out sheet,
I've been wearing myself for a while, I think.

We could live in her dreams,
and I could be anything.

Closed myself off to everyone.
Told them "I'm fine", I lied.
I'd run to keep my hands from what I needed.

"I'd love to if I only could,
but I'll shake too much,
and I'll hurt myself,
and I'll make it worse"

Could you still keep me in that place I want?
I told to you my dream, you know the one.
Track Name: Do You Wanna Be Friends?
"I almost saved my life, but I found a drowning kid.
Broken on the floor, broken and waiting. You know, I feel bad.
He was so sweet, but he couldn't ever sleep,
remembered all my dreams."

"I think She got my heart, but I feel it more than ever.
Beating in my chest. Do I love her? I think I'll be alright, no I'm sure. I miss all of her things
so I wrote a song for her."

No it's not normal to be so cordial, I need some time alone.
No it's not normal to be so hopeful. What if I'm wrong?

... and I see a way when your day ends.
I'll move like a hand.
Do you wanna be friends?
Track Name: Joke is a Lover
You don't have to say it,
say it out loud.
I know it hurts,
I know you're too proud.
You fought off the dogs
and the men who want what you have in your clothes,
a heart that won't love you.

I've been laying in bed, because I'm not without honor,
with the joke, it's on me,
the joke is a lover.

I wrote you a song
I used all your noises.
You've already heard it,
was two songs before this.
Track Name: Poem
When it does return,
where will you be?
Sleeping in your car on my street.

What will I say when I lose my place,
When it doesn't hurt to wake up,
when I'm okay?

So I'll leave things where they're left,
keep a poem to my chest.
I'll try to do my best.

You've opened all my doors,
but I've let inside the storm.
I'm grateful to have been born.

So grateful to have been borne to where I once left.
You drew a poem on my chest.
You didn't leave me where I left,
and you never left.

When you do return
where will I be?
Sleeping in your arms in my dreams.
Track Name: No God
I want your cross to bear.
I may be quiet, but it's not that I don't care.
I don't know how to tell you that I want to always be there.

No one was for me, it's easy not to care.

I was dragging my feet.
Growing in the ground, you tended me.
Some nights I still wake up as lost as I used to be.

I know I'm the last thing you need.

In this very room I have hurt myself, I have woken to you.
I wonder if it all hurts this much because it's true.
We are only what we feel,
and I'm only hurting you.

Now I'm up for weeks, dragging on the ground.
I sold myself for free.
Tonight I know I'll wake up no longer underneath
that cover that keeps me from feeling.

You said, " No god wouldn't be fair".
If you only knew their love was everywhere.
Track Name: I Love You, Good Morning (Comes with a Warning)
Careful, things come without warning.
They're always coming to me.
I like when you're boring,
my little stranger to be.

I only smiled in the morning.
You always shake in your sleep.
I'll rest in your body.
Fell out of bed so deep.

and its covering me...

She carefully comes with a warning
and I count heartbeats.
I love you, Good morning,
now I'll die for a week.

With you I'm strong.
With you I'm weak.
Track Name: So Much Paint
I've it bad.
I'm not holding cuz there's nothing to hold/have.
Hurts every time I laugh.

I'm worried all the time.
Please call in sick, You're not fine.
I know the trick.

One foot in the grave, I used to paint in grey but mostly black.
You gave me so much paint, a gift I will give back.

I've been had and I am holding cuz it's everything I have.
Hurts every time you laugh.

I'll take your hand. Be careful, I mean what I say.
I'll be your man.
You can throw away all the shit of Hers I save.
Track Name: Song for Comedians
Lately I've been seeing things differently.
The rain still falls, but it doesn't fall the same on me.
And if you dream of me tonight...
I hope I make you mine.

I've been looking at too many pictures.
I've thought too much about your name.
There are so many perfect letters,
I'll write to you someday.

Now I'm giving in to the beauty that is everything you've ever touched.
Even when you're touching him you're part of us.

And if I seem fine, if I even seem happy,
it's not that I've been found,
it's that there is nothing.
Track Name: Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks
for showing me that I'm not so afraid
and that there's nothing more perfect
than sleeping where you laid.

Now when I wake up to the sound
I know that even when it hurts, it's only now,
and that I can be loved
and that you showed me how.

I'll find someone new,
but right now I've only eyes for you.
It's funny,
you're perfect and there's nothing I can do.

This week will pass
and I hope you find the one that makes you laugh.
The one that stops the sand in your perfect hourglass.

I'm forever near to your star.
Now when I fall it's not that far.
Track Name: Fear of Flying
I could almost drown
in all I hold.
Come pick me up,
the help doesn't get old.

I'm tired I'll climb an open line.
You're afraid of heights, afraid of dying.

A fear of Flying

I was on my way back,
kept my eyes side-tracked.
I get a little older,
You get a little older.

It was the saddest story
and like a friend you told me.
My friend, I'm sorry.
It's not okay, it won't be.

So I'll grow colder
and It'll hurt to show her.
I wish I could love you over.