A Product of The Times

by Bedhed

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Recorded in Los Angeles, USA March 22-23, 30.

Produced by D. Neiss

Photography by J. Sharaf el Deen courtesy of LifebloodTV

All Instruments and Vocals by I. Holshevnikoff with help and support from;

Jeff "Annihilator" Enzor




released March 30, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Product of the Times
So maybe you followed your gut and earned a place in the corporate tomb. And your father and your mother they are so proud that you followed their dreams too.

You waited till marriage to unload your baggage, mountains of shit onto hers and you burned your love into hands not yet scarred by this world we've made for them, lucky kids.

We have earned every goddamn hungry child and all the dead land bleeding on an open book. Our lives haven't value, you know a parasite thrives too when given a home that is warm

This is not a protest song I don't protest a single one of your crimes you will pay in time, we will all pay in time.

Like a virus they will find us, cure themselves and blind us and into the earth we'll be thrown and darling you finally wont be alone.
Track Name: Dead Friends
If you can keep a secret I can too my friend
dying at the bottom of a bucket full of blood you sweat
maybe it's a lie maybe it never was.

If you wanna keep a friend honey you'll hold my hand
I get a little shaky I hate that you make me dance
I'm not one of them I won't take a chance.

In the sink, lied to your one true love
Im a fake.

I will break, lying to your one true love
staying warm.

I will keep your secrets until the end
we are all one we're all dead friends
and I love you as I understand.

I sleep with you all my friends are dead
I dream in you, leave the rest for them
I can't read a word I write.

Shut the light on me close my eyes
because I'll keep breathing, shut the light.
Track Name: Suicide note
You drew a picture on my liver
said it looked just like your sister
your mother never comes home with her
I don't believe in love or Cancer.

So I was in houses
writing to the gods
writing all for naught
then I met you
and I fell apart
and I still feel so apart.

I drew a picture of your sister
and all the boys who've kissed her
wrote a suicide note to give her
never followed through, I miss her.

I always am in houses
sleep until it's light
we have so much time
drink yourself blind
there's nothing to see at night.

I want to die inside
I want to love with what is left.
Track Name: Human Heart
The whole world is out of reach
I keep dead weight tied to my seat
I try to love I try to sleep.
But at night I see these things
have lovely friends that empty me
I drink and pray for everything.

I'm growing old,
Get back to the gold.

I color every word to death
I believe every sickened breath
the human heart is made for this

Sometimes I think of bleeding out
finding God in a hotel
the truth is fucking love is hell
Track Name: Painting Tile
He's sick when he smiles
the bleeding of gums
the painting of tile

Bled empty and done
the bodies float down the
water will run

If I could tell you how far you've come
If I could love you enough.

Your eyes are closed
you cut yourself drunk
you run from your home

He stole what you lost
you're floating in pain
drowned by your god

If you could tell me how far I've come
If you could love me enough.
Track Name: Only Child
You tried to open doors
in a house where they were always locked
she echoed from the floor
"I give up"

So you lived, always afraid
so you taught yourself to sing
you saw them throw their love away
it didn't mean anything

She has such a silent charm.
You can read it on her arm.

You ended up lost
a good friend is hard to find
always drunk in rooms
coughing up blood & light.

He just never wants to fight.
He's bleeding every night.
Track Name: Even Keel
Write of downtown
eat my heart out
too many memories of them
I might jump out

Sold my soul to find what's real,
just an even keel.

Now I love you
thought I used to
I have died a hundred times
I didn't lose you

Now you have more, than you could ever steal.
Found your even keel.

Remember the first time you were wrong?
To remember the first time in so long.
Now I find you sleeping only when I'm gone.

Take your heart out
dance around downtown
every window's light like fire is lit for you now.

Old woman knows, her hell ain't real,
just an even keel.
Track Name: Unfortunate / Outro
At least I was wasted till you called,
to kill the pain till dawn.

I am wasted when I fall,
I am one such unfortunate.

I cannot be honest with myself,
my heart will move on.

You cannot trust someone like this,
one alcoholic.

(sample - Doug Stanhope)